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US Marshals Museum Cornerstone

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525441 327787333951130 796658878 nUS Marshals and their families gathered Saturday Nov 9th 2013 for the dedication of the cornerstone to the U.S. Marshals Museum’s Hall of Honor in Fort Smith AR. The 15,000 pound cornerstone (Monument) in addition to the 10,000 pound base donated in honor of the more than 250 Federal Marshals that have died in the line of duty. Governor Mike Beebe's name was inadvertently misspelled, and quickly corrected by R&M Lettering.

Ibison Stone would like to apologize to Governor Mike Beebe, Jim Dunn, US Marshals Museum and the many friends and families of the fallen marshals that attended the dedication.

US Marshals Museum Conerstone BeforeBefore Correction
Marshals Museum Corner StoneAfter Correction

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