About Ibision Stone

Ibison Stone Supply was started in the 1930's by Robert Ibison Sr. to supply stone for his masonry company in Fort Smith Arkansas. At that time stone was used for building (foundations, floor joist piers, fireplaces, etc...) rather than decorative.

phoca thumb l dsc086081Robert Ibison Sr. and his three sons (Robert Ibison Jr., Eugene Ibison Sr., and Jess Ibison) worked with him in the quarrying and the masonry business. In the 1930's through the late 1960's quarrying was done by hand with pick, shovel, and pry bars which kept the stone from going regional. In the late 1960's- early 1970's machinery became available which allowed the stone to go regional (Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and the Dallas/Fort Worth areas).

phoca thumb l DSC02568 72Eugene Ibison Sr. took over the quarry operations in the 1972 while the other family members took over the masonry operations. Eugene Ibison Sr. operated the quarry from 1972 with the help of his children til 2000. During this time Eugene Ibison Jr., Gail Nelson, and Mark Ibison Sr. took on major leadership roles in developing the company direction and growth. In 2000, Mark Ibison Sr. took over operations of Hackett Stone which is currently doing business as Ibison Stone Supply.

Now this 3rd generation family business is proud to be able to continue the family legacy and is excited by future potential opportunites that modern machinery have brought to the industry.

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